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    I have a few movies which has both DTS HD MA 5.1 track and AC3 stereo track. I'm trying to convert DTS 5.1 to EAC3 5.1 just because my soundbar won't support DTS.

    I tried XMedia Recode with many movies and it works fine. However, when I add a few movies, it only detected the AC3 stereo track.

    I heard XMedia Recode is based on ffmpeg, so I installed ffmpeg and it showed the movie has DTS track as the 1st audio track.

    Now I'm confused and trying to find a solution to it. ffmpeg is installed on a raspberry pi so directly use ffmpeg to transcode might take longer time I guess. So I'm thinking if that's possible to extract the DTS track out of the movie manully using ffmpeg, and then use XMedia Recode to convert that into eac3.

    However, if XMR is not supporting the DTS track anyway, I guess I have to use ffmpeg then, can anyone help me with the command to convert audio only? In XMR I always select copy for video, and then I want to keep the DTS track as the 2nd track of the movie, and convert the DTS track to eac3 for the 1st track of the movie, with 48000 sample rate, 960 bitrate and 5.1 channel.

    I've attached the mediainfo of one movie and also the XMR screenshot when I add that movie.
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