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  1. hi experts
    This video file is choppy when playing in Google Chrome.
    Is there a way to diagnosis what's the problem?
    Thank you

    Direct link to the video file in my server
    Or refer the attachment
    Image Attached Files
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    Well to diagnose we require more information than already given.

    There is nothing wrong with the video. Both your own link and the attachment will download the video (direct playback is not possible) and play smoothly in a standard player.

    And this may be the issue. Chrome is not a standard player. It is a web browser and code can be written to play a video on a server. If this video is on your server which does not have sufficient bandwidth to stream to a remote web page you will end up with 'choppy' video since the player has to consistently request the next piece of data.

    But do confirm the above assumption or clarify just how you get the video in to Chrome in the first place.
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