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  1. Hi guys I have adobe preimre/after effects

    I would apperciate if you can help me to know how can I create the effects they added to the title at the very first second on this video
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  2. The effect on the title appears to be a smaller version of the overall transition effect.

    Here's a good tutorial on how to create custom transitions.

    To replicate the video you showed, you would go into the transition timeline you built from black and white elements in the tutorial, apply the built-in venetian blind effect to the top layer, and rotate it 45 degrees.
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  3. It's just a venetian blinds transition effect. I don't have the Adobe products, but most competent NLEs include dozens of transitions, and most of them are customizable. The attached file show this transition using Magix Vegas. I created this just now in about ten seconds.
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