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  1. Hi ****

    I have this 50P source that is a bandicam screen recording:


    Now I need to convert it using avisynth so that the 50p-->25i conversion possibly not produce flickering artifacts like this:

    This 2 examples above are output 25i with Edius and Premiere: the projects editing settings is 25i but the original clip (bandicamREC.mp4) is 50P.
    Exactly I don't know if in Edius or Premiere there is some particular setting to process the input to avoid this artifacts but seems that the "optical flow" or other interpolation thing don't work to avoid flickering.
    However I try to understand if is there a way to treat it in avisynth, how can I do cat?

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  2. You're basically screwed. Interlaced encoding of small text like that is always going to suck. You can try adding some vertical blur, maybe just the moving parts of the picture. Or maybe just decimating frames to 25p and encoding the progressive frames interlaced. In any case, you're at the mercy of the deinterlacer when you play the video back.
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  3. oh my ***

    so what is the solution when need to "record" part of webpages or simple part of the pc screen or the screen in this cases?

    seems to understand that the problem is not in the recording itself but in the fact that the progressive video is worked on a timeline set as interlaced (25i/30i). I tried to make screen recording with mbaff interlaced ffmpeg encoder but the result doesn't seem to change in terms of flickering
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    In a sense, there is no real solution, because this is something that always SUKKED about interlace recordings, and a good reason to avoid them, when you can, in the modern era.

    Why not have your timeline be progressive (50/60p) and then export an interlaced version at the end? At least it would only be 1 generation down.

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