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  1. I am trying to sync the audio for a Chinese series, where the audio for different episodes seems to be out of sync to varying degrees. I'm using VLC audio shift and then avidemux to save. It's always been fairly straightforward when I've needed to do it in the past with other languages, but Chinese is so totally different to English I'm finding it very difficult to get it right. My biggest problem is that if I think I've fixed the audio using one piece of dialogue, a scene from later in the episode still feels slightly off. If I then reduce/increase the audio delay to compensate, the original part then feels a bit off.

    It's possible the original series has been re-dubbed, which might explain why different parts of the audio don't fully appear to sync up, but that's just speculation. I'm sure it's not a frame rate issue.

    Can anyone offer advice on getting it right, or recommend software for doing so? One thing that occurred is that Subtitle Edit has a 'Visual Sync' option that lets you work on two portions of the video (e.g. beginning and end), and it uses your settings on each portion to 'average out' your subtitle syncing, which typically produces pretty good results. Is there a piece of audio software that has a similar feature for syncing up audio?
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  2. In Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD you can load your video and two additional audio tracks. You can also view the audio peaks from the video soundtrack and the other two soundtracks. This way you can visually control and adjust the synchronisation based on certain peaks (e.g. closing a door). The program can use x264 video, wav, mp2 mp3 ac3 audio. aac does not work.
    The program is older and is not updated anymore, but works well.
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  3. Thanks will check it out
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