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  1. First, thanks for all of you responding to nubie questions
    I have old vhs tapes ..vcr going red white yellow cable into sony trv740 output with firewire to windows 7 laptop ,used movie maker to
    Get edited .mnv file from what i can read this is now old school and want to get best quality for needs

    What i would like help on:
    Suggested software for minimum editing
    Best format so i can :
    1.) burn to dvd as better back up
    2.) put format on my qnap nas so that i can see on tv, see on ipad and have family members log in to see videos
    3.) will i need to convert from one format to an other to do things i want?
    Thanks again to all of you
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  2. 1.) Above...You mean DVD not cd. I would backup to a hard drive.
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