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  1. Hey all, I'd like to download videos from Canada's discovery channel website. I did a search and found a thread about this from January but the response was that you all needed password access to be able to look at the video in question.

    The one I want is a free video, so it's not password protected.

    From what i can see with my very very little knowledge it looks like it downloads an init.mp4 file and then splits the video segments up into .m4f files. I did some google searching before I came here and I wasn't able to find a playlist file, but that may be due to my inexperience.

    Any help that could be offered would be appreciated.
    Thank you very kindly for your time.
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  2. You can use youtube-dl with the following command >> youtube-dl.exe -f best << or if you dont know how to use youtube-dl you can use one of these online downloaders they should work on discovery ca >> goodluck!
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