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  1. I downloaded a news clip from

    and it downloads as 46,987,809 bytes. I made a 6-second title page with iMovie, then added the clip, and when I go to upload it, it has grown to 491,166,910 bytes. What happened?
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  2. What video codec did you use? What settings?
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  3. When I go to export an .mp4 file it offers options

    Format: (video and audio or audio only)
    Resolution: (540 p 60 or 720 p 60)
    Quality: (Low, Medium, High, Best (Pro res) or Custom)
    Compress: (Faster or Better Quality)

    but it says nothing about video codec.

    I will try with other Quality settings to see if the results are satisfactory.
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  4. ProRes is a near-lossless codec. So it produces very large files. That's you problem.
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  5. I should have known.

    Dear Customer:

    The resources available to the [user name redacted] hosting account are currently
    being restricted. The combined resources used by the account are in
    excess of the normal usage of our customers. The amount at which
    resources are currently restricted is relative to the amount over the
    normal usage the hosting account's combined resources currently are.

    The restrictions will increase and the resources available will become
    more restricted as the combined resources in use by the hosting
    account increase. To relieve the restrictions, you should decrease the
    resources used by the hosting account by removing any unused or
    unnecessary files from the server.

    Thank you,
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  6. Yes, storage and bandwidth costs money. This is why individuals don't host video sites.
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    Thread moved to the mac forum where you can get more help.
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