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  1. Hey guys!
    Can someone please help me download this video interview (full thing is a bit over an hour long) to my macbook:

    It plays for me without needing to login or do anything so I'm assuming that's ok to ask here (if not sorry and feel free to delete the thread)?

    I really need it for a project I'm working on but can't seem to get around it with anything I've tried (even if I'm not the savviest in this department) and they still haven't uploaded the full version on their Youtube channel.
    Is it possible to get the full file or only by like screen recording while its playing?

    Thank you very much in advance for any help!!
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    sorry looks like pay to watch to me. no free downloading.

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    There are a number of subscription streaming services that offer free trials or some free content. For example, Netflix, which is specifically mentioned in the AUP as a site where members are not allowed to ask for help with copying, ripping, or recording. I don't think you can ask for help with downloading from Sirius XM during the free preview. Will ask a moderator to decide.
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    Thread closed.
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