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    I have a TBC-1000 which has been sitting idle for years. I inspected the internals before powering it on again and noticed the caps on the 'power board' are swollen and one of them leaking from the bottom:

    Has anyone replaced the caps? If so assume a like for like replacement is sufficient for the two swollen caps which are:
    10mm diameter 16mm height 5mm lead width 1000uf 25v 105C

    None of the other caps on the unit look swollen, just the power board ones, but wondering if anyone here has had to replace other parts in order to keep the unit within spec?
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  2. The PSU ones do all the hard work, the chances are all the others are fine. I can't see any leakage, if you mean the white blobs, they are hot-melt glue to keep the wires in place and quite harmless.

    Those capacitors are easy to source and very inexpensive. Make sure you get ones rated for 105C, lower temperature rated ones will not last as long. The manufactuer is not important but be careful to use ones with the same pin spacing so they fit into the original holes.

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    Standard advice is replace with same capacitance value and the same or higher voltage rating. Ensure they are 105C.
    Ensure that you buy genuine reputable brand capacitors. Recommendations are Nichicon, Panasonic, Sanyo AVX Rubycon. Since you are in the UK check Farrell as they will sell genuine parts.
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