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  1. What software would you recommend for fixing incorrect headers/flags throughout the entire video without re-encoding the video? I have some MPEG2 video files which are incorrectly identified by Media Info and some other software as interlaced when they are in fact progressive scan. ( Most video software identifies it correctly as progressive, but some that just look at headers misidentify.) Also have some MP4/AVC files that are 16:9 but the flag was set incorrectly to 4:3. Any software that can change and correct these headers without re-encoding? Needs to work on Win 7 64 bit. Preferrably something easier than AVI synth level. Thanks.
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  2. for mpeg2 - restream (needs elementary stream) or dvd patcher

    for avc - ffmpeg bitstream filter using stream copy, you can set the SAR . (you can calculate from dimensions)
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