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    Hi All,

    I have a Sony CX550V camcorder and we primarily use it for indoor birthday videos etc and the 10 year old camcorder has been really great so far.
    Due to the coronavirus situation, I am trying to use my CX550V camcorder for Facebook live streaming for our church service.

    Just a beginner with streaming so not sure if my specific issue is related to the device or the camlink encoder related.

    I generally try to stream from around 35ft far. The video starts off brighter\natural colors but as soon as the church altar curtains are removed, the video turns darker. I am guessing that this happens to compensate for some light loss but not able to figure the root cause.

    Due to this "auto" feature - the entire video stays dark till the curtains are back again.. and then the video brightens up ( as if someone has turned on the room lights)

    How do I turn this auto feature off, so that I can still stream the natural church lighting. Any ideas?
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    Pg 61 of the manual...Menu - Scene Selection, Spot Meter, Exposure. A combination of those should get you what you want. Next time. (You are basically stuck with what you've got recorded - an NLE could counter-adjust but it's a lot of work and the quality will be reduced both in dynamic range and generationally).
    But don't have such high expectations. You are talking about a very high contrast; basically HDR.
    Unless all your chain supports it, something has got to give: either highlights, or shadows, or natural gradations.

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  3. Always try to use as many of the manual features of your camcorder as you can when filming stage performances, including church services. The most important is focus. NEVER use auto-focus to take video of a stage. If the focus starts to "hunt" you will get that horrible artifact of the focus popping in and out.

    Unless the lighting changes (which does happen with stage productions), set the exposure manually.
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