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  1. Below is a screenshot of same frame in video time (00:02:58.84) (HH:MM:SS.MS)
    [Attachment 54218 - Click to enlarge]

    Below is a screenshot of the same frame in video timecode (10:02:58:21) (HH:MM:SS:FF)
    [Attachment 54219 - Click to enlarge]

    I received a bulk amount of subtitles and the time start and time end of each subtitle is using timecode instead of time.

    During playback, the player does not show the subtitles because it thinks that the start is in 10 (hours).

    How to make player reference the timecode in a video instead of time?
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    You could use a subtitle program such as Subtile Edit and change all times earlier or later.
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  3. if the offset is a container feature (happens with transport streams) remuxing the file might already be enough,...
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