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  1. I have purchased this several years ago but there are certain video formats it's not working on.
    1. MOD files: It won't upload them onto the platform, I've tried All files" since it's not recognizing the "videos" format. but nothing shows up.
    2. Uploading and Converting TV Shows: I have used the the "episodic" since I want to rip them one at a time but it doesn't recognize all the titles. Is that a proprietary issue? or is there a format that I can download to help with that?
    3. Uploading format from audio to video: will upload the video it just spins and doesn't show the format.
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    is the program still being updated ??
    if not, then I'd suggest using a up to date program such as dvdfab
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  3. I don't think so. I haven't found any links to updated it. I need a simple program.
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