Hi all,

I'm trying to capture my laptop screen on my TV via the VCR. I use a HDMI to AV converter and it only works when I plug the AV plugs into the AV input at the front of the VCR. I get a picture and sound but after a few minutes the VCR goes automatically into standby mode. read in the manual that it only does this when it's not in the tuner mode. There is an option where I can avoid the VCR going into standby mode, by linking the outcoming signal from the laptop to a channel number on the VCR (decoder mode). But I can't do this because there are no channels installed on it and I can't do this anymore because there is no analog TV in the Netherlands anymore. When I try to select channels manually by pressing the AUTOINSTALL button (the manual says this is possible), I only can select language then it will search channels and at last I can set the time. But when it goes back to AV, I still can't select manual channel searching as it will once again go to the language select etc.

Anyone knows how I can do manual channel searching on this VCR?