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  1. Hi, I want to sync subtitles to start a a specific timecode without the video preview in subtitle edit.

    I know you can shift the timings by x seconds, but I don't want to calculate how much exactly I need to subtract for the 160 videos I need to work on.
    I also don't want to import a video source every time, since I have already got a set of subtitles with the right timings (in another language)

    I just need the subtitles to begin at the right timecode and align for the rest of the video.

    I know of a program that can do this on linux, however most of my workflow is based on windows, and I would prefer using a program with a windows version. Subtitle edit seems to be a good program, but any other program that can do this would be welcome too.

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  2. Jonatã Bolzan Loss
    Hi! Maybe what you need is something like this?
    I would suggest you to download the latest beta version ( Let me know if there is something to improve in the software. Thanks!
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