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  1. Greetings Everyone. one quick question, is there any way to remove the water mark from clonebd? if this isn't the proper place for this question i apologize in advance.

    Thanks alot
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    Yes. Hundreds of posts about doing this:

    However, the end result is always the same. Even with the best possible result, there's always a loss of quality because you have to reencode and save the edited video.

    You've already been given the best answer in one of your other threads. Stop using CloneBD, which few here use or recommend and use DVDFab which is highly used and recommended here, and won't place a watermark on your RIP.

    If you don't have original commercial disc to properly RIP, the conversation stops here as you're no longer covered by Fair Use.
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  3. You could always buy the program.
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