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  1. Hi,

    I previously had Acer S680G, the motherboard/GPU failed, everything else is ok.
    i5-750 2.66GHz
    4GB DDR3. 640GB.
    Fx 380 512 mb Graphics card.
    Premiere CC 2018 worked ok, a little slugish but done the job.

    Note: Moved prevous HD with OS to other computers, long as Computer accepts the same storage type!
    I can work around issues.

    Have lost job and have very limited money due to Corona virus.
    Need to choose a replacement refurbished PC box with limitation.

    I am looking at spending around $150 for PC box, and could do with any direction you can offer.

    Understand the performance will not be good, just working with what I have:
    Old HD loaded with win7 and Premiere CC 2018
    2x 2GB Memory sticks from Acer S680G (If the new computer has at least 4GB memory and accepting slots the total would then be 8GB).


    I would like advice on PC CPU/Graphics card combination.
    Regarding Acer Veriton X4630G with Intel HD Graphics 4600.
    The maximum shared Vram Memory is about 2GB, but said to be of lesser value then onboard versions?

    How can I compare Vram to an onboard Memory, Graphics Cards.
    Am I better off with GeForce 9500 GT, 512MB of memory on board or another option?

    Can spend around $150 on PC box, choices here:
    Looking at Acer Veriton X4630G with Intel HD Graphics 4600. (No idea about choosing the right product)

    I could buy another version of box, and add ATI FirePro V4900 1GB DDR5 128-bit DVI separatly for $35.
    Since been told that Premiere would not use FirePro V4900, so it would run on software.

    There other PC Graphics versions if you can point out any options:
    Some PC combinations are outside budget of around $150.
    Firepro V3750
    FirePro V4900
    GeForce 210
    Geforce 7600 Gs
    Geforce 8800 Gt
    GeForce 9300
    Geforce 9400 Gt
    Geforce 9500 Gt
    Geforce G210
    Geforce Gtx 260
    Geforce Gtx 275
    Geforce Gtx 460
    Integrated/On-Board Graphics
    Intel 4 Series Graphics
    Intel HD 530 Graphics
    Nvs 300
    Quadro 2000
    Quadro Fx 1500
    Quadro K2000
    Quadro Nvs 295
    Quadro Nvs 420
    Radeon HD 8490 / R5 235X Oem
    Radeon R5 340
    Radeon Xpress 200 Series
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  2. I wouldn't buy anything if I were you. If you lost your job and all you can swing is $150, I suggest you put that money on the side in a "new PC fund" and wait until this is over and you are working again.
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  3. Not an option, purchased Acer Veriton X4630G with Intel HD Graphics 4600
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