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  1. Does anyone know if this is possible and how to do it?

    I'd like to download this:
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    youtube-dl works
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  3. youtube-dl failed for me however IDM (Internet Download Manager) does the job up to 720p HD.
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  4. Any tips for how to get IDM working with all the clips on that page I linked to? Will it combine them all?
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  5. You can get a link to the mp4 files with any browser's Developer Tools (F12). For example:
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  6. OK thanks. But how do you download all the parts of the show and combine them into 1 video as that link was just to 1 minute of the show.
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  7. You can open the mp4 link in a browser and the video will start to play. You can then right click on the playing video and select "Save Video As..." (or whatever terminology your browser uses) to save the segment.

    If you look near the end of the mp4 link you'll see the options "start=0&end=60". I found you can change those values but the server will not allow more than 3 minutes at a time. For example you can set "start=0&end=180" or "start=60&end=240". But if you set something longer than 3 minutes, like "start=0&end=240" or "start=0&end=1920", the server will refuse to send the clip. So you're stuck with having to download short clips.
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  8. Thanks . Any tips for how you downloaded it as you downloaded and combined all the clips into 1 video. Thanks
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