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  1. I was so excited to hear that Roger Waters "Us + Them" is coming to blu-ray but not UHD blu-ray. But it is on Prime in 4k. I bought the Amazon stream.
    Now I am struggling to download it.
    Please please help. I want to watch this on my big screen from hard disc and not from any app.
    Thanks !!!

  2. No problem:

    streamlink "amzn-prime-us-and-them-4K.m3u8" best -o output.ts
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  3. thanks! now I guess I just need a little help in finding the m3u8 link

    is it also possible to download an itunes 4k HDR video? I bought Springsteen "Western Stars" but can't download it

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    Thread reported.

    This is a subscription/rental service and against forum rules to discuss.

  5. so sorry, I wasn't aware.
    I thought I am the owner and can do with it what I want
    Must say that this Amazon and Itunes service sucks.
    I buy something on Amazon in 4k and Amazon only offers a download in lower resolution.
    Itunes HDR does not work on my Windows PC.
    So, two buys for nothing.
    Gotta stick to the Western Stars blu-ray which I bought and the Roger Waters blu-ray that I pre-ordered (comes in October).
    Big bummer to not get to see these beauties in 4k on the screen I intended them to watch on but paid for this content.

  6. You never own the content. With digital "purchases" all you get is the right to view/listen to the content under the conditions specified in the license. And even that can be take away from you at any time (with no refund). Even if you buy the video on a plastic disc all you own is the disc, not the content.

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    olli66-please do not ask for help on downloading videos from a subscription site,this against forum rules,this thread is closed.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.

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