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  1. Hello.

    I use latest nightly build tsMuxer (2020-07-02) to rebuild UHD Blu-ray (as ISO file), uselly without problem.

    But I run into a strange problem:

    I am trying to add a DTSHD track to a movie, with a large timeshift of 26000ms.

    When I read the image of the disc thus created with Kodi on my Shield, the DTSHD track is then silent, and indicated as having 0 channel !??

    Without audio offset, or even with a small offset, there is no problem, the track is perfectly readable.

    I saw this issue with 2 different films et 2 different tracks.
    Each time, when the audio offset is > 10,000 ms ...

    Anyone have an idea of ​​the problem and how to solve it?

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  2. Try using eac3to:
    eac3to "input.dts" "output.dts" +26000ms
    The goal is to have "real" silence in the beginning so you don't need such long delays via the container's implementation.
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  3. Awesome !

    I didn't think at this simple solution, because in other cases with minor delays, tsMuxeR works fine.
    I'm not sure to understand why a long delay is a problem for the container ...

    But thanks a lot sneaker ! You're a boss
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