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  1. My Camcorder is a GZ-HD500BU and the version of Everio Mediabrowser I am using is 2.02.108. I've attached a picture where you can see the videos on the calendar, but when I click one I get the message (failed importing)

    The video files are already on my computer, in the C:\Users\Administrator\videos\evermediabrowserHD/HDDCAM directory, just I can not play them from Everio MediaBrowser, I get that message, nor can I backup more videos to my computer

    My Windows version is Windows 10 Professional and My Processor is an Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20 Ghz, I did buy this however back when I had Windows XP back in 2008 or 2007. I just like the calendar format and want to clear some videos off my camcorder and have them playable from the calendar

    But, if there is another program that can put them in this calendar format, I suppose I could use that. The feature to copy the videos to the above directory where they are viewable in Everio Mediabrowser is built into my camera and selectable on my screen. If I could just select that directory manually where I move them to and it must read something in the files to put them on the proper day and time.
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    why do you need calender format? if you put them in any windows folder you can sort them by date.
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  3. Originally Posted by aedipuss View Post
    why do you need calender format? if you put them in any windows folder you can sort them by date.
    Personal preference, really it let me know the date and TIME. I like the format.
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  4. Your Everio Mediabrowser version is now at 2.02.223.
    Try to update, maybe this resolves the problem. See here:
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  5. The version my CD that came with my camcorder installs oEverio Mediabrowser is 2.02.106. The Camcorder is a JVC HD500BU. According to this- the highest version of Mediabrowser supported by my camcorder is one that starts with a 2. No versions that start with a number higher than 2 will work with it.

    I was able to install the update to upgrade from .106 to .108, however after that is installed I can not use the next one to upgrade from .108 to 2.02.2xx it says 108 is not compatible with it and needs to be uninstalled before I can install that. Installing 2.02.2xx after .106 wil not work either.

    I donít know if I have the geolocation feature it mentions one of the updates is for, I donít really much care about it, Just I want to be able to watch my videos from the calendar and to put them on the calendar

    The feature to put the pics on the calendar is built into my camcorder on one of itís menu choices.

    Like I was saying, it sees something in the directory it finds the video files it and knows where to put them on the calendar. I'd like to know what data it is reading, if I could just dump the video files into a folder and have the program read them and put them on the right place on the calendar that would be good too, if there's another similar program.
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