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    Hi VHFAM!
    I have search everywhere on Google and YouTube on how to convert these m4s files that I have.
    Im trying to download a video that is hosted on BLIM which is split into fragments of m4s files.
    I have tried InviDownloader1.0.0.4, managed to download all the segments, and combine into 1 single m4s file, but the conversion feature on invidownloader is not working. it's not converting the m4s file that i have into mp4.
    i have tried ffmpeg command line.


    Please help me!
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  2. Perhaps try again in this section :
    (Preferrably provide the original link to the web page where the video is streamed.)

    Not a specialist, but normally you shouldn't have to download the individual segments, there should be a "playlist" or "manifest" file, and with the URL to that file ffmpeg or youtube-dl may be able to download the video, merging all segments automatically.
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