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    Hi, i'm sorry if this is not the right subforum but i didn't see where else would it fit. I have a Folder 1 in which i'm recording a .mkv file, the file is recorded in this format because it allows to play it while it's being recorded, so we can monitor it (we're recording some pc screens); i would like to know if there is some way or tool to cut the .mkv WHILE it's being recorded into .ts files so we can retransmit them; each transmition last about 6 hours, then the recording stops and then a new recording starts in the same folder, i would also need that the tool pick up this new recording and start chopping it into .ts files in order to continue with the transmition.

    Currently what we're doing is wait until the day is over, then use the concat command in ffmpeg, generate just 1 file from all the recordings and then upload it, but if we could upload them live it would be a huge upgrade.
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  2. Why not record to TS instead, since it also allows the video to be played while being recorded ?
    And then use the concat command to remux as MKV locally.
    Or I'm not fully understanding the problem.
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