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  1. Hi,

    I am trying to join two files (Parte1.mkv + Parte2.mkv) with MKVToolnix, but they show me an error

    "The codec's private data does not match. Both have the same length (2408) but different content. Please make sure that the resulting file plays correctly the whole time. The author of this program will probably not give support for playback issues with the resulting file. "

    The file Parte2.mkv I have not encoded / rendered it myself and I would like not to have to re-encode since it would lose image quality, the file Parte1.mkv is encoded / rendered by me with HandBrake so that it was the most similar to parte2 .mkv.

    I would like you to tell me, if possible, which application to use, parameters ... for how to encode / render the file parte1.mkv and to be able to join it with the file parte2.mkv

    Although a part1 + part2 union file is created, playing the file and going backwards does not display correctly.

    These are the files:

    These are a demonstration video

    Greetings and thanks.
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  2. part 2 has a flaw.

    Try this: Create a textfile named mylist.txt
    Insert 2 lines:
    file 'D:\Parte1.mkv'
    file 'D:\Parte2.mkv'

    (where D:\ ist the full path of your Parte files).

    Then execute this command (into a windows console, locateted into the ffmpeg folder):
    ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i mylist.txt -c copy merged.mkv

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  3. Hi,

    Thanks, the two parts are joined, but when I play the file with SMPlayer or VCL, if I go back in the player the image gets corrupted.

    I have uploaded a video reproducing the problem (Part3 is the joined file part1 + part2).

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  4. Here by me it's playing fine with Vlc Player
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  5. Hi,

    Hmm play 10 seconds of the video and go back to the beginning again (watch the video I uploaded for testing),

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