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  1. Hi guys I have adobe effects, can you please give any helpful tutorials regarding the next effects?

    I will write the time of the effects I'm trying to learn, I'm a newbie thanks for your helping

    On this video, the effects are in this video:

    0.06-0.12 - white, kind of a box that opens to the sides, i love how they "closed" it...

    0.17 how they turn the wide shape into a thick one? also how they show texts that way? did they use "mask" effect?

    effect on 0.49 with the turning shape

    On this video:

    How do the effect shown on 0.09?

    How do I do the effect shown on 0.15? the one with the mouse-click and the dotted circle?
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  2. I have no clue, but I can't resist :
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    Those are all animations. If they used Adobe then they were probably created in After Effects. There are other programs out there that are used such as Fusion and Mocha. You should be able to find tutorials on YouTube.
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