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  1. On each broadcast is available in two links, one called "hls_v5_os", the other called "m3u8-download". I can download the second with youtube-dl or ffmpeg, not the first.

    For instance this program :
    This page leads to a JSON page [it no longer does, program no longer officially available, code "idDiffusion" removed] :
    And on the JSON page are these two links [the links are no longer there, but at least the second one is still working on 2020/07/17] :

    Another example [this one is still available on 2020/07/17] :

    Yet the software Captvty seems to be using the first link, as if I play this video, TS fragments appear in "Temporary Internet Files" with a URL in "". There's also a "crypt.key" file, which would indicate that this is an encrypted stream. Is it required to point to that encryption key in the command line, and how so ?
    Also, youtube-dl manages to download the HLS streams if the HTML link is provided, and for instance "-f hls_v5_os-2218" is specified. But in my experience, with longer videos, when recording to MP4, the audio stops around 6-7min, which does not happen with the "m3u8-download" links. Why is that ? Could it be the reason why Captvty always records those streams to TS ?

    As I mentioned on this other thread, I'm trying to download programs which are officially no longer available, so youtube-dl can't find the streams' URLs if provided with the HTML links, therefore if I manage to find the correct URLs I have to download them directly.

    Another question : since the exact bitrate varies from one video to another, is there a way to tell youtube-dl to download either the best available "hls_v5_os" stream, or the best available "m3u8-download" stream, regardless of its exact name as identified with "youtube-dl -F" ?
    Last edited by abolibibelot; 17th Jul 2020 at 13:45. Reason: first link was erroneous / added another example with a video that's still available
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    video link?
    first link n'est pas disponible
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  3. Yes I know, it was available when I created this thread, now it's no longer "officially" available, but the second video link (this one) still works (it even plays directly in VLC Media Player), so I would like to test if the first one (this one) also stays accessible past the "official" availibility period, and if it gets removed at the same time or perhaps stays available longer. Those links (cloudreplayfrancetv...) don't work in VLC Media Player, or youtube-dl, or ffmpeg, with regular commands. Yet as I mentioned a "catch-up TV" recorder called Captvty apparently uses those links, at least for playback because it stores files corresponding to this URL in Temporary Internet Files (I couldn't get any network sniffer to analyse the traffic coming to/from this program, or to analyse anything relevant on my system for that matter, but that's another story).
    I added another example, corresponding to a video which is still "officially" available.
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  4. Alright, but how can I get the "correct" / "complete" link from the shorter one displayed on the JSON page ? Apparently the long link contains varying parts with a limited time validity. The links on that screenshot are most likely no longer valid.

    (General remark about screenshots : for that kind of picture, with mostly text over a white background, a PNG encoding usually produces smaller files with a better quality than JPG.)
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