I have been using a TI1394 card with Win 10 via a DV out on the camera however since the latest Win 10 update it has been nearly impossible to get ti working due to the driver.

I would like to know what gets the best quality from a Hi8 camera ?

The S-Video cable, the DV out if one can get a Hi8 cam that has one, or via the AV/OUT mini jack?

I have a Mini Dv which I can use as a conduit from the Hi8 S-Video and audio to the PC via a Firewire (using Win XP) but not sure what gets me the best vision.

I bought an EasyCap which does not work at all now after 2 weeks and I am thinking of a capture card or USB capture card again but not sure what is the best an most economical.

I bought a Sony Handycam TRV320E with a DV out to the Firewire card in the PC but it has stopped working and would try and buy another but on Ebay someone has outbid everyone over the last few weeks and now when reselling, has pushed the prices up for Hi8's to $500, $700 etc. Cheapest is now over $400. They used to be $150 up.

Anyway, any help on getting the best vision out of the Hi8 to the PC please?