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    half the size of h265 but 10x as hard to encode and 1.7x as hard to decode for nearly the same quality. and not free...
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  2. H.266/VVC also has no hardware support. No benefit to early adopt for most people (true also for the AV1 competitor).

    Video encoding does need to move forward though. For the better or the worse, x264 is looking a lot like jpeg/mp3.
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    Originally Posted by butterw View Post
    x264 is looking a lot like jpeg/mp3.
    DVD-spec MPEG was low-bitrate MP3 and compressed JPEG.
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  4. [QUOTE=butterw;2588802 For the better or the worse, x264 is looking a lot like jpeg/mp3.[/QUOTE]

    Meaning AVC is everywhere and will likely stick around for a long time just like jpeg/mp3.
    It mostly performs fine if you can throw the extra bitrate at it (and it has fast encoding). But lack of widespread 10bit support, for instance, is an issue.
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  5. AV1 will win the next gen codec wars for a few simple reasons:

    1) Patent free, guaranteed.

    2) Extensible. The companies the came together to form the AOM decided that not only would only everything be open source and patent free but as related technology that may be useful came off patent, they would include that in AV1. In other words, it's meant to be an ever evolving standard, getting better as time elapses.

    3) It was designed to be easy to implement in a hardware encoder. ASIC add in AV1 encoder/decoder cards already exist, Intel has confirmed that it's Gen 12 gpu's will feature AV1 decode/encode and in all likelihood, NVIDIA will probably follow suit.

    I have lost all interest in software based encoders; I'm tired of chasing performance, buying faster and faster hardware just to use slower and slower encoders, that results in my system running at full blast for longer and longer periods of time.
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