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    Hello, I am new with Aegisub. Could someone help me with this?

    I have imported a list of subtitles/lines (that I previously translated and saved as a text file), and by doing this, each title automatically gets zero as both start and end times.

    Then I time the first line, then the next etc.

    But the thing is, each time I Commit to a line by pressing Enter (or G or clicking green check mark button), it takes me to the next line, which automatically jumps the video and audio to zero (since, as I mentioned, all lines got zero as start and end points when imported). But, obviously I don't want to go to zero when I am working on the next line... That is so annoying, is there a way to avoid this? So that the video doesn't jump to the start point of any subtitle without me telling it to do so.

    Also, is there a way that the next line would just default its start to where the previous line ended (when I press Enter)?

    I also welcome tips for any good beginner's tutorial on Aegisub.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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  2. You could start by using Subtitle Edit using File -> Import plain text ...

    Here you can Generate Timecodes with a fixed duration/gap between subtiles.

    If you start editing start time/duration you can use Tools -> Fix common errors to get new time codes if you have overlapping times (Perfectly legal in .ass subtitles. Not so much in .srt)

    And then you can save it .ass and open in Aegisub.
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