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    One tape I tried playing this weekend has an issue possibly similar to this. It plays seemingly fine for about 10 seconds, then stops, and my MV45U powers off. I've tried the advice in this reply. The reels can be turned manually, and my VCR at least tolerates the tape enough to ffwd & rewind, so I did that full process but it wasn't the solution. (It also sounded a little odd & was slower than with other tapes.)

    What's to try next? Playback quality in and of itself appears steady & normal, and the actual tape is not physically wrinkled nor moldy, so I hope it's not a goner yet. Is it cassette repair time? Can I swap out a certain part (spool tensioning mechanism?) from another cassette into this one, or is it better to transplant these reels entirely into a new home?
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    Transplant shell, possibly reels.
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