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    Hi and thanks for letting me join the Forum.

    Problem I have , is that I have 3 DVD's with .vop video files on them , they are around 1gb each , so I am wanting to merge them onto one DVD , started to do that with Nero Video , but the files on each Video all have the same names has this file from one video .VTS_01_1.VOB .

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  2. Not much info.

    Use MakeMKV to remux the .VOB files to .MKV file(s). If it's a commercial DVD copy protection will be removed. If there is more than one title on the DVD a file is made for each title. They are named title_t00.mkv, ... and usually in a unique named folder. Rename them if you like. Do so for all 3 DVD's.

    Open DVDStyler without a template. Drag the first file (title_t00.mkv) onto the empty menu. Since the file is DVD compliant DVDStyler will "Copy" the content of the file.

    [Attachment 54030 - Click to enlarge]

    Assuming that DVD1 has a size that fits a DVD dragging a file from DVD2 onto the menu will result in a size exceeding a DVD if "Copy" is used and DVDStyler offers to re-encode the files to fit a DVD.

    [Attachment 54031 - Click to enlarge]

    Select Yes and do so for the content of DVD 3. This will make a DVD with 3 (or more) titles in a Titleset. If you prefer you could add the content of DVD2 & DVD3 as chapters to the content of DVD1 with "DVD -> Add -> File as Chapter".

    Add a Background video or image to the menu and maybe an audio if you like.

    [Attachment 54032 - Click to enlarge]

    Select the option for encoding

    [Attachment 54033 - Click to enlarge]

    Use Burn to "create iso image" or "just generate". Test the result in a software player and if OK burn with ImgBurn or the like.
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  3. Originally Posted by spike47 View Post
    Problem I have , is that I have 3 DVD's with .vop video files on them...
    You mean to say "VOB".
    Originally Posted by spike47 View Post
    ...they are around 1gb each , so I am wanting to merge them onto one DVD
    But then it wouldn't be a DVD. They are only allowed that max 1GB size if they're to remain part of a DVD. If you wish to join them then you might consider using VobMerge, DVDVOB2MPG or VOB2MPG. As no reencoding is done, they'll still have the same quality as the original DVD video files. Or use MakeMKV as videobruger suggests
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