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  1. I've been recording videos which have been perfect for a number of weeks now using streamlink for Recently however, the output of some files recorded skip every few seconds. So like 1 second, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 11 seconds, 12 seconds, 18 seconds and so on.

    This only happens with certain feeds however. If I watch the problematic feeds on the website, they are smooth and don't skip. If I take the manifest mpd file and play that in VLC player, it is smooth but eventually dies after a few minutes. These are the options I have been using for streamlink. They work for 90% of the girls but a few are a choppy mess

    --hls-live-edge 4
    --hls-segment-threads 3
    --hls-timeout 60
    --hls-playlist-reload-attempts 4

    This is running on a script in Ubuntu via virtual machine, if that makes any difference
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  2. Which model have problems? URL?
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  3. The model is not online at the moment, but this is code that recorder her stream whilst she was online. Her name is rebecca.

    feeds come from (NSFW)

    all the other girls when recorded with code like this, is 100% perfect. Only 10% of other girls, this code records, but the output is choppy. Can watch them fine in web browser though.
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  4. Chrome Browser + Flash + IDM -> rtmp stream (FLV)
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  5. rtmp://

    thats the link that I get. The issue I had in the past is not being able to automate the recording, because the stream changes tokens every 11-20 minutes. so I went with the streamlink and script option in linux.
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  6. I'll try using ffmpeg with my script when shes next on and report back.
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  7. Simple:

    ffmpeg -i URL -c copy Rebecca.ts
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