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    Hi, I need capture software for firewire that I can choose my own audio source in. I was recording with winDV but the problem is you can't choose audio source... you must use your firewire device as audio source, I need to choose my own, please if you know how or you know software that does that reply to me I know AMCap does that but I can't find full version or buy one... and I'm limited to 32bit.
    All answers appreciated!
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    not possible. dv is more of a file transfer straight off the tape/camera directly to the computer. no options. amcap is just for webcams, not dv cams.
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  3. In addition to what aedipuss said, if you choose an audio source that is not DV it will be out of sync. Guaranteed. The confidence playback you are monitoring on both the camera and PC side are not realtime.
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