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  1. Hope this is the correct forum for this...and I hope some of you “hardware electronics” gurus can help me out.
    I purchased a Blu Ray drive enclosure that was advertised as having a fan. After many weeks, the thing arrived…but came without a fan. It looks to me like the enclosure area takes a 30mm fan. The receptacle on the board is 2 pin. I checked the voltage across the pins and it’s 12 volts. I do not know how many amps the fan can pull off this receptacle but I’m assuming it’s minimal. The enclosure is one of these (photo is attached):

    I contacted the seller and am trying to get them to provide me the fan so that I can install it. So far they’ve told me that the thing doesn’t need a fan…which it probably doesn’t, but that’s beside the point – I want one with a fan to help keep the drive cool. The price of these fans seems relatively small and I hate to have to return the drive – otherwise, it’s adequate and works fine.
    Can anyone recommend a fan on Amazon, preferably Prime, that would have the wiring connector end to mate with the receptacle on the board? Again, the fan needs to be 30mm square, 12 volts, and 2 pins. Thanks!
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    I probably wouldn't want a fan in a Blu Ray player blowing dust around and landing on my disks
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  3. Originally Posted by october262 View Post
    It could be. The opening looks like a 40mm fan might fit. I wanted something a bit smaller to be sure that I could fit it in.

    My main concern is the connector...I want to get a fan with the correct plug because the receptacle on the board is small...and I don't want to remove the board or mess with the receptacle if I can avoid it.

    I've seen some fans where the plug looks like it might be correct, but I'm not sure. I thought someone might recognize the connector type and be able to recommend something...or maybe even know which part I need.
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  4. To close, I wound up buying this:

    And it works fine! The plug fit right into the receptacle, and the fan fit into the enclosure - actually, the fan was a little smaller than the enclosure, which was great as it fit in easily, but then it needed to be secured. I imagine that the fan probably would've been glued into place or something like that, as there are no holes in the enclosure to which the fan could be secured with screws. I wound up cutting two small pieces of thick cardboard and put one each between the enclosure and the top and bottom of the fan. Seems to be working fine, and the fan does exhaust air nicely from the enclosure.
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