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  1. I made a video of a person giving a speech. The originals are shot in mp4.

    the speaker coughs at one point

    I am using Linux Mint 19.1 with avidemux.

    I need to convert the video from .mkv to other formats to upload it on the internet

    so I think the format may effect how it can be edited and saved.

    when I have attempted to cut the cough out, avidemux tells me the cut is not on a keyframe so the video will be corrupted. If I change the format, I am able to make the cut in avidemux but the video won't play, so must be deleted.

    I would like to cut the cough section out but if that is not possible, at least suppress the sound.

    Any help appreciated.
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    The video and audio are two separate streams inside the file. You can open the file in Audacity (audio editor) with the FFmpeg
    add-on enabled and it will allow you to work on just the audio. When you've suppressed the cough you save it as a new
    audio file and recombine it with the original video to a new file

    If you'd rather edit the video and audio, you'll need something like VideoRedo ($$),
    comes with a trial but not sure of the limitations
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    Depending on how obvious the cough is physically, you might be able to get away with not even editing the video, but instead just dip/mute the audio.

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