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    [Attachment 53981 - Click to enlarge]

    First I thought it might be some kind of interlacing artifact, but I dont know really.

    There are like these jagged lines on some objects in the video. As you can see on the side of the carpet in the screenshot.
    Its a 480p video with a really good bitrate. It was shot back in 2007.
    I have tried using different de-interlacing filters on it, but it doesnt disappear. So that leads me to think it might not be an interlacing artifact

    Is there like an anti-aliasing filter that might work instead?

    I wish I could show you guys a clip from the video, but its kinda a personal one, so I hope that screenshot helps.

    I can maybe post more screenshots if its really necessary.
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  2. Try with qtgmc in progressive mode (inputtype=1):
    qtgmc("slower",inputtype=1,EZDenoise=3,denoiser="d fttest",TR2=2,ChromaMotion=true, border=true,ChromaNoise=true,DenoiseMC=true,GrainR estore=0.5,edithreads=4)
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  3. Reduce rainbows with this.

    Try to reduce aliasing with this. If you are going to resize, then use this filter before you resize.
    santiag(strv=0, nns=4, nsize=5)
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