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    I'm trying to use Amarec to capture VHS video via an EasyCap USB video interface. Whenever I record I get a warning message: "the frame rate of the video capture card does not suit a preset value". I also notice that frames are being dropped while recording.
    I've tried setting the framerate to both 30fps and 25fps in Settings, but still get the warning. The source is a pre-recorded UK PAL VHS tape, played back on a Toshiba UK VHS player, connected to the USB capture card via a Panasonic Blu Ray/DVD recorder for TBC.
    Any idea what I can do to fix this?
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  2. Set the frame rate to 999 and let it sort itself out depending upon the input.

    Try setting up a preset with your preferred settings. With my Hauppauge USB Live2, a lot of the settings don't seem to be honoured except when selecting a preset with those settings. (Preset #1 seems to be the preset that is automatically loaded when you start AmarecTV)
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