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  1. I've searched a lot and couldn't find anything that could help...

    Want to render a video from Zoom and have included the chat log in it. The way I'm doing is to print screen and paste in the correct part of the video, which seems ok if not for the 2 and a half hours video that I need to do a couple of times per month

    Don't see subtitles working, because sometimes there's multiple entries in the chat. Would need to show 5 lines at the time or something...
    The chat logs are create like this "02:50:06 Name: message". If this is of any help.

    My only idea now is to record the live chat window during the meeting.

    I use Premiere Pro CC 2019, After Effects CC 2019 and Sony Vegas 15, but I can try other programs if they could save me hours and hours.
    Thanks for the help! Trying to solve this for a while now...
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    There are plenty of ways to do this, but the way I would do it is to not worry about the "5lines" part and just create subs.
    Some sub formats allow you to position them in certain areas, so I would use gallery mode and always position the sub under the box of the named user, with boundaries cooinciding with the box boundaries.
    Use a semi-transparent format, and it shouldn't be too intrusive.
    If a single chat from a single user takes up more than 2 or 3 lines, break the remainder up to follow after (aka add 5-10sec to the timestamp), as that is likely how it would have occurred in realtime.

    You can use a text editor and/or batch converter to rework the format from zoom chat format to one of the standard subs formats. Let the computer do the rendering instead of manually doing it.

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