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  1. This is probably very obvious but I can't find how to import the PotPlayer settings I have previously exported. Potplayer seems to have some very strange defaults. I only ever use it for playing video and yet many of the defaults seem to be for audio.

    For example, I never want the next video to play automatically. I never want to see the playlist screen. It plays the "narration" audio feed by default when I record TV programs. I can see that some people want this but I suspect that 99% don't. There are many other strange defaults that I don't understand.

    Potplayer has so many settings so I just want to set them once but as I said I can't see where to import them.

    Can anyone also tell me is it possible to get PotPlayer to use an INI file that I can just edit and is there anywhere on the web where other people have saved their settings?

    Lastly, whenever PotPlayer updates it fails to work saying that a file cannot be copied. Is anyone else having this issue?
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  2. PotPlayer - How to restore settings via .ini / .reg - VideoHelp Forum

    I'm using the .ini option, so the settings are there and it's easy to backup and transfer.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I eventually found the ini option. By default the preferences panel is really small font and it is difficult for me to read as I am partially sighted.

    I still couldn't see an option to import the settings. It looks like the export to exporting a reg file but I can't find an option to import it which seems very strange.

    I will use the ini file but do you know if there is a document of the format of this so that I can manually create one?
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  4. Check the last post of the topic from link, it looks it's not easy to import settings, but it should be possible.

    If you want to use .ini, just set that option in Preferences, restart program and the PotPlayerMini64.ini file should be in PotPlayer install folder. BTW there should be a problem if PotPlayer is in the "Program Files" folder, it's better to install it to another folder, e.g.: C:\Programs\PotPlayer\

    Another way is to use the portable version:
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