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    Hi Guys

    I have Video and audio content that I need to distribute to 5 remote sites, I have routers on the site's that I can login to the Network.
    I have a separate TV system at each location, I need to install some device ( that can receive the Video and audio via Ethernet(router)) that i can hook up the video and audio to a modulater so i can broadcast it as a channel.

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  2. So what is your question??

    It sounds like you have a media server and you want to play media from it at some remote (miles away, or more) sites. Are you asking how to set up an Internet server? If so, there are thousands of sites with good tutorials on that.

    You also have the option of simply uploading your media to Google Drive, Amazon, or some other hosting site, and letting them handle all the issues of serving. Your remote sites can then log into those servers and play directly from there.

    And, of course, you can just upload your content to YouTube and let everyone stream from there. If you need to restrict access, YouTube provides both "private" and "unlisted" service.

    However, if you want to serve from your own location, then remember that pretty much every ISP provides asymmetric service. This means that your upload speed is probably only about 10% of your download speed. This is done for one specific reason: to keep you from setting up an Internet server without paying for the service. So, if you want to host video and audio yourself, you will have to upgrade your Internet service to a commercial license, something which costs quite a bit of money, every month, and which will doubtless be a lot more money than just letting a commercial host (Google, Amazon, etc.) do the job.
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    Do you need your endpoints to play simultaneously?

    Are you worried about lag/latency?

    Are your endpoints old, underperforming, legacy boxes?

    If you said no to all these, then johnmeyer is right regarding your best options.

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  4. I think the issue here may not be the distribution by the network but the format at the receiving end. They mention sending video and audio to a modulator for broadcasting so it probably needs to be in composite analog format at PAL/NTSC/SECAM scan rates rather than a conventional digital one. More information is needed.

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