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    I've a Panasonic DMR-EZ48V purchased in U.S.A. Want to follow region code hack to play landcode 2 videos.
    Using a Philips branded Universal Remote Control.

    My question. In the suggested step by step, step #3 states, "Hold the magic button on the URC...." What is the MAGIC button, please?

    Your help will be much appreciated!

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    Many of those old hacks were:
    1. Only meant for players bought in certain regions.
    2. Never really proven to work.
    This is the internet....cruel people really do get their jollies winding people up.
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    Much easier to rip and make region-free. Then you won't have that issue (assuming you reburn to dvdr).

    A more dificult problem would be the fact that you are in USA and those Region2 discs are PAL. The DVR is multi-system, but for it to work smoothly, your TV must also be multi-system.
    Otherwise, you will be forced to do a PAL-->NTSC conversion as well.

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    Most cheap DVD players (Chinese) play worldwide PAL/NTSC, once ripped and re-burned without regions.
    Just format left, and it handles that.
    PAL TV not needed.
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