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  1. Do Sony Digital 8 Camcorders Play Back 8mm as Well as 8mm Equipment?

    If you have ever compared the playback of 8mm done by an 8mm camcorder or vcr to the playback of 8mm done by the "compatibility" feature of a Sony D8 camcorder, I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.
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  2. In some ways better, because they stabilize the image like a TBC.
    In some ways worse, because there tends to be a color fringe along the right edge of the frame.
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    Here is the ugly truth about D8 camcorders that playback analog tapes, While they play analog tapes with good stabilization circuits aka TBC they don't have a 100% analog path for analog tapes, Everything gets digitized for TBC functionality (and later on for DV encoding for firewire only), The analog outputs get converted back from digital to analog again, While the whole process is lossless like any other TBC you don't have the option to bypass it like you do in a Hi8 camcorder. This is not a big issue if you prefer line TBC functionality on analog tape players.
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