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  1. I’ve been converting some old minidv tapes to my computer. I have about 15 total. I did 8 and then popped in the 9th and it was starting to “skip” and acting glitchy. This happens to both audio and video playback. It happens on the camera screen and on the capture as well. I first thought it was a bad tape. So I tried a few more and got the same results. Then put in a tape that had already played perfectly and it is not scribing glitchy and skipping as well. So something has happened, but I don’t know what. I thought maybe a heads cleaner would do the trick so I ordered one and ran it a couple times per instructions but the problem still happens. Any thoughts on a next step?
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    This has happened to me also. But the head cleaner tape usually does the trick after a few runs. Could be the heads are worn. I know using the camera as the player isn't the best option, though that's what I do. But I do have about 6 of the same model, because I shoot a few bands live so I like having the same model camera to help match the images (Panasonic PV-GS300). You could try a $40 used model from eBay as see what that does.
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  3. Im also trying to convert some old video footage and have the same problem. For me personally, the heads cleaner did not work either. Sometimes, the skipping would just disappear but very sporadically. So I´m thinking about buying another camcorder like suggested, but maybe there is another solution? Thanks in advance
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    Try cleaning the cable contacts on both sides the camcorder and the computer with detoxit, If possible change the firewire cable. Also tape tension can cause drop outs, Get a tape rewinder and rewind the tape back and forth to relieve any tape sticking, While at it clean the whole tape path that can cause sticking as well.
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