I have retired to Spain where Satellite TV reception is mostly pixelated and Internet streaming is not much better, and decidedly unacceptable during the winter months. Also there is a 1 hour time difference so the good stuff is on after midnight. I resolved during Lockdown o record some TV films and convert them to MP4, trim the start and finish and remove the adverts. We can then watch films on the Laptop at our convenience. I am recording the films from satellite on an 'AB Cryptobox 550HD' USB stick and then have been using a combination of Handbrake to convert to MP4 and Freemake for the trimming. Viewing the result on VLC can supress NAR (if its an option). Thing is, 20% of the films convert with the NAR (narrative for Blind) embedded in the audio and I cannot find a simple solution or alternative software product to only convert the film dialogue or all the audio options so that I can use VLC to specify film only dialogue. All suggestions welcome.