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  1. Hi
    VSDC beginner here. Thanks to you guys for being here.
    I'm just trying to trim the beginning off my video.

    I can trim ok within VSDC by putting time line where I want vid to start, then click editor tab and select split into parts.
    Then I go to cut out fragment drop down menu and select trim start.
    This seems to work ok when I play it in the preview window. However.......
    After i export and view it, im left with the original length video with a black screen until my chosen start point.
    So the bit that I think I've cut off is still there , just in black!!

    I've looked at all the you tube help view and I can't fathom what I'm doing wrong.
    It must be me , as it's such a simple thing to try.
    Any help much appreciated
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    Simple really.

    Think of the timeline as the length of your vid from the beginning to the end. When you trim/cut at the start, the timeline has not changed but replaced by blank space.

    So you simply drag your new trimmed video to the left to the start of the timeline or at the end of another clip in the timeline.
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  3. The way I do it is move the cursor to the very beginning, then click the toolbar button "Set begin work area by cursor position". Then move the cursor to the point where you want to cut the video at and click the toolbar button "Set end work area by cursor position". Then click the scissors icon in the "cutting and splitting" toolbar to cut that segment of the video out. Your toolbars may be set up differently, so you may have to click an arrow to show a drop down menu for more options.
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