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  1. So this is not my first rodeo... I have used software like Nero and Windows Movie Maker. I usually create my Powerpoint Slide Show, export to .mp4 or similar (.wmv)

    For some reason this year... My presentation and exported videos from Powerpoint .Mp4 look extra clear. BUT, as soon as I load it into any dvd burner... it automatically looks extremely blurry. I have tried Nero, Roxio, DVD maker... I am only using pictures from my Samsung Note 9... resolution is at least 4034x3024 and at least 1mb in size. They are in Jpeg format and I have even tried converting to .png for better quality.

    My issue here is that everything looks crystal clear in my powerpoint presentation and .mp4 exported file on playback... but burning to dvd blurs pictures to almost unseeable quality. I am using Windows 10 64bit. I have already tried creating higher resolution in powerpoint, choosing not to compress images. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to just make a SD dvd playable for tv. Its a short picture slideshow of about 8mins and can not figure this out. I am using I believe Microsoft Powerpoint Ver.2016 and Nero Version: 22.0.1013. I also see the video pixels go down to about 700x500 or so in Nerol... but nothing I do seems to work. I tried exporting my presentation in Ulta HD quality and SD 480 in powerpoint and neither work.

    Nero settings are pretty basic, I tried 1 pass encoding and 2 and I get same video quality not even ok. The pictures look very distorted and motion is a little choppy and text is readable but seems somewhat pixelated.

    Please Help??
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  2. DVD is either 720x480 or 720x576 depending on where you live. Full stop. The resolution will never be higher than that.
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  3. Yes in Nero it will shrink it to 720x480... but I have never had this problem before. Even windows movie maker seems can not handle the pictures... they look very distorted. How can I make a dvd that is viewable. Is there a way to reduce quality of images to work with Nero M-PEG 1 or 2 ??

    Maybe an alternative to powerpoint or could it just be Nero... I see a lot of posts with people having this issue but have not found a solution... Technology seems to move quicker than anything but there must be a solution. Can not be that the only possibility is Blu-Ray player and a 4K tv. This is an 8min slideshow.

    Any Advice?
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  4. There is no solution. The resolution of DVD is limited. If you shrink a 4034x3024 image down to 720x480/576 it's going to lose all its detail.

    Post sample images (before and after) if you think something else is going on.
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  5. Originally Posted by View Post
    they look very distorted.
    The bad quality and pixellisation of the image is due to the SD resolution of the DVD, as explained above, and indeed, you cannot expect a better picture (except perhaps by putting less material to a single DVD, and therefore compress it less).

    But if the image looks distorted (stretched either vertically or horizontally) that may mean that the aspect ratio of the original pictures is not properly converted to the DVD aspect ratio. If it's the case, remember that DVD supports only 4:3 or 16:9, and always in paysage orientation. So, if your images are not in one of that two formats, I suggest to crop them to 4:3 or 16:9, or add black borders to obtain that aspect ratio, before trying to convert them to DVD video. Note also that in the same title, you cannot mix 4:3 and 16:9. You must select a specific format, and convert all images pertaining to the same title to that format. And verify if your authoring program has an option to force 4:3 or 16:9, and if it's the case, use it accordingly.

    Good luck !
    r0lZ - PgcEdit homepage Hosted by VideoHelp (Thanks Baldrick)
    - BD3D2MK3D A tool to convert 3D BD to 3D SBS/T&B/FS MKV
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  6. I have since tried using programs like wondersahare and hd video converter. The video I am am trying to burn to a dvd is a powerpoint presentation. I have it set to 16:9 (but I also tried setting the powerpoint slide to 4:3... I created the powerpoint and exported it into an .mp4. Everything looks clear but as soon as I import it into Nero or Roxio.... the preview looks blurry. I tried burning a few just to be sure it was not only in the preview.

    Then I tried converting and compressing the .mp4 into other formats like mpg or vob with even a lower resolution like 720p but same the same thing happens. Looks clear when watching on computer media player but as soon as I import again to any dvd burning software it looks blurry. As I mentioned I have created videos like this before and never had an issue. My video is about 8mins long. It is not a big file to begin with.

    I am starting to think here that my problem is backwards... not trying to get a better resolution but lower it and compress it to be viewable in a standard home dvd player. Is there certain settings I should be converting it or burning it into?? This a slideshow of about 30slides... and the end product is viewable but the text and pictures look very low quality blurry, everything else is good image. I tried even converting to a 4k Ultra resolution but no luck yet.

    Thank You.

    UPDATE: Here is the Quality of slide on Computer VS. Quality of video on DVD playback...Image
    [Attachment 53720 - Click to enlarge]
    [Attachment 53721 - Click to enlarge]
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