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  1. I'm cleaning up my (very junky) video in 2 stages:

    1. I run the entire video through smdegrain for the initial cleanup job.

    2. I created a binary mask to protect dark areas and lines, and run the lighter colors through: temporaldegrain(), tnlmeans(), Mctemporaldenoise("medium")

    The reason I'm doing this is because this particular clip needs alot of temporal scrubbing on flat, non-detailed areas, and it's doing a superb job on the luma channel.

    However, I am aware that these filters also clean the chroma channel unless I specify for them not to.

    So my question is this: Is there such a thing as too much chroma scrubbing to the point where it affects the quality of the video? So in my case, if my first stage denoiser is already targeting both, luma and chroma, should I turn the chroma off on my second stage denoisers?

    I don't see anything with the naked eye, but I'm also aware that I might be damaging it in some way. Please advise, and thank you.
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  2. Oh all of a sudden NO ONE has any input on such a trivial video-related issue? Boy you people here really are fickle. There are some days where some of you are just aching to pull your credentials, but I guess all of a sudden everyone overdosed on humble pie this week.
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  3. ....
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  4. here are my 2cents:
    a. some folks do have a live besides posting here and don't check here every day, so not even waiting 48 hours and complaining about not getting help really does not seem like a good way to handle this, usually such threads just end in a useless argument and doesn't really help anybody.
    b. there is always a way to 'over-filter'. Not totally sure what you understand as 'scrubbing' but whether you need to filter plane X in later filters strongly depends on the source and how much you want to filter the plane and how much any previous filtering of that plane already it apply.
    For temporal filters a lot is about the threshold, if for example you make sure that all changes need to be constant for X frames in one filter and then later apply another filter which will keep all changes constant for Y frames where Y < X, the second filter will not do anything since there is nothing for it to change.

    I'm also aware that I might be damaging it in some way.
    Filtering that does do something always damages/changes the original information, it's just a question whether the one doing the filtering perceives the filtering as damaging or may be as beneficial.

    -> I don't think there is a way to really help you, since nobody aside from yourself has your perception of quality.

    Cu Selur

    Ps.: on cartoon content temporal filtering like crazy might help, but for real live content it easily can destroy lots of details which most would deem important,...
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  5. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Yeah, back at you Jagabo.

    Selur, I understand about people having lives other than this thread. However, I also have a good idea on those that ARE constantly here and look at posts and decide to ignore them.

    These are usually the conceited ones who decide which questions offer them an opportunity to, not help per se, but to show off, and which ones are too small potatoes to even bother with.

    Surprised this place is still called "video help"
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  6. It's normal that not all folks reply to all threads they could reply to. Hell if I would reply to all the threads I might be able to say something useful I couldn't do anything else.
    That's what a large community is for even if some don't want to, can't reply, or simply choose not to reply even when they read the thread and could reply someone will usually reply, but that takes time and complaining after less than 48hours the way you did still seems wrong to me.
    I mean as far as I know most of the users here do this in their spare time and it should be their choice who they spend that time.

    So even if user XY knows all the answers you seek and chooses not to reply to any of your posts, that's his prerogative since he doesn't own you anything that would force him to reply. Your post seems to be getting more and more like 'trolling' (being 'aggressive/offensive' just for the fun of it).

    -> I wish you luck with your problem, but I'll leave this thread here, since I don't see it going anywhere.

    Cu Selur
    users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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  7. I often reply to threads like this, but not after the OP's self-centered attitude. It is sad to see what social media has done to some people, where they think the rest of the world is holding its breath, just waiting to read that person's next post.

    I will say this: if you can't "see anything with the naked eye" then why do you even need to ask for help? It sounds like you have it all working.
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