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  1. Hi, I want to make a video slideshow of image files, but with additional option.

    I already find there is a way to make video slideshow of image files with FFmpeg,
    but I also need to put a filename at the bottom of every image.
    Here is an example, this image filename is Guitar01 so that text should be added at the bottom of the image. So every image in video slideshow should have its filename 'stamped' at the bottom of image.

    Is there a program that have option like that? Or a script in FFmpeg?
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    Maybe pre-process the images in a batch with Photoshop/etc, to give the watermark names?
    Slideshow second.
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  3. There is a x86 plugin for avisynth ImageSequence.dll, that can read wildcards (e.g. *.jpg) and overlay the file name. You have control over positioning, fonts, colors

    But there is a bit of a learning curve for avisynth, and you have to adjust the parameters for the "video slideshow" . Such as frame rate, number of frames (e.g. duplicate the frames using ChangeFPS, then AssumeFPS) . Or there are other ways, such as making a variable frame rate video
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  4. Thanks, I'll try it, I never use it, any example script?
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  5. You don't even need a third party filter If the frame number corresponds to the filename. You could use AviSynth's ScriptClip() to build the filename from the frame number. For example, if the image sequence has the form:


    Ie, "PIC" followed by a 5 digit number (with leading zeros), followed by ".JPG"

    ScriptClip("""Subtitle("PIC"+String(current_frame, "%05.0f")+".JPG")""")
    The first line reads in the image sequence. The second line writes a "subtitle" that corresponds to the filename.
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  6. One benefit of ImageSequence is it does not require sequential numbering, and the wildcard input


    CoronaSequence("*.jpg", textmode=1)
    But I don't know how to exclude the extension ".jpg" (or .png or .tiff) from the filename perfectly from the overlay; the expression string option would work ideally only if the filenames were the same length
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  7. LOL. I had to look up hornucopian dronepipe.
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  8. I tried that script, for some reason it said:
    pic.jpg:Image could not be opened

    I used MPC. It makes black screen with a resolution of given .jpg images, and gives that error. I tried with different sets of images. Images in folder are all the same resolution.
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  9. Is the script in the same folder as the JPG images?
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  10. It is, I also tried when images are in subfolder - same error.
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  11. post the full script
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  12. Code:
    CoronaSequence("*.jpg", textmode=1)

    CoronaSequence("*.jpg", textmode=3, expression="midstr(filename,7,3)")
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  13. Are you using mpchc x86 to check ?

    ImageSequence/CoronaSequence is a x86 plugin , so you need to initialize avisynth x86 (you do that by using a x86 program)
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  14. There is an incompatibility between 3.6.x avisynth versions and older plugins . It causes problems with some programs. It crashed mpchc for me . I think you need avisynth 2.6 classic x86 for that old plugin to work, or that plugin needs to be updated. Some incompatibility in the header. All you need to do is replace avisynth.dll in the SysWOW64 directory
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  15. Actually something else, it works in avspmod x86, or ffmpeg x86; but not vdub2 x86 or mpchc x86 ,not sure why... weird
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  16. corona.avs
    CoronaSequence("*.jpg", textmode=1, x=-1, y=200, size=25)
    ffmpeg x86
    ffmpeg32 -i corona.avs -c:v libx264 -crf 20 -an test.mp4

    I used 3 test images, black.jpg, cyan.jpg, white.jpg

    Output file is test.mp4
    Image Attached Images      
    Image Attached Files
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  17. I finally managed to work, it worked only in ffmpeg32, all other programs didn't, even though I used 32bit versions.

    Thank you! Script works great!
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