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    I recently purchased a Sony HT-X8500 soundbar but the Ac Adaptor is missing and after searching online for a replacement I am now more confused about what I need. Any help finding the right 1 so I do not damage the product would be greatly appreciated.
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    here's the pdf guide -
    page 38 says it's a DC24V AC adapter you might try contacting Sony and see if they sell replacement adapters
    or try best buy
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  3. You also need to look at the power output and the polarity of the DC voltage. Most adapters have the positive lead in the center conductor. You should see a polarity marking on the soundbar itself. Check before you order.

    You also need to make sure you get a high-enough wattage. The specs say 32 watts power, so you need an adapter that has higher specs than that.

    Mouser sells "wall wart" power supplies. Here is a link to their 24VDC products:

    and here is that list of power supplies that may work because they show output wattage greater than 32W. You'll need to decide for yourself which one to get.

    I agree with others that your best bet is to find the replacement directly from Sony.
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